Paramedic co-authors Chris and Nicole have over 25 years combined experience in the EMS field.  Initially they were partners on an ambulance - and 3 years later, they were married!  After the birth of their daughter, they found plenty of books on safety, but very few that take you through the whole process if you actually do get hurt.  They saw a great opportunity to share their knowledge through Frederick the Paramedic.

Chris and Nicole want to provide a realistic scenario in a fun way.  By keeping equipment, personnel, and situations as accurate as possible, the reader has no false expectations if they do find themselves in need of emergency medical services.  They like to call it Non-Fiction through Fiction. 

Chris and Nicole hope that your child will never need to call 911, but if they do, they hope to make the process as positive as possible!

Frederick the Paramedic is designed to teach safety awareness, injury prevention, promote teamwork, and most importantly, provide a foundation as to what happens in a true emergency setting.  One of the most common factors in any pediatric 911 emergency is the child's fear of the unknown.  By letting your reader be a part of the process, they become aware what may happen when EMS is activated, who may show up, and what interventions they may encounter.  Through fun and colorful animations, your Junior Paramedic will become more familiar with the entire 911 emergency process, alleviating their anxieties in a very scary situation.  Who knows - they may even want to help out!

Copyright Chris and Nicole Blongiewicz 2015

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